Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) Team at Goodwill of Greater Grand Rapids comprises staff from various levels, committed to fostering inclusivity and diversity. By leveraging community partnerships, educational initiatives, and the diverse experiences of team members, we aim to enrich the workplace culture. Our objective is to ensure Goodwill stands as a welcoming environment for all. Supporting this, we perform an annual Climate and Engagement Survey to gain an understanding of our strengths and weaknesses, identify improvement opportunities, and establish clear goals.

Our DEI mission statement is to empower employees to bring their authentic selves to work, fostering a sense of belonging.

In 2024, our goals include developing a mentorship strategy to connect underrepresented employees with mentors, increase dialogue about diversity between managers and their staff, and launch a Paylocity group for DEI to regularly share training materials, links, and resources.

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