At the age of 26, Don was sentenced to 10 years in prison. While incarcerated, Don utilized every resource available to him. When he was released a decade later, Don immediately recognized how difficult it would be to find employment. After several unsuccessful job interviews, Don requested that his parole agent refer him to Goodwill Industries’ Offender Success program.

Returning to society is multi-faceted. It’s difficult to find employment if you’re homeless. You can’t secure housing until you have a job. When you throw your criminal background in there, as well as other barriers, like addiction, poor health, etc., it can make job searching even harder.

Shortly after enrolling in the program, Don received assistance with creating a professional resume, and completing several mock interviews to improve his interviewing skills. He was also provided job leads and support with submitting applications. In addition, Don and his career coach practiced explaining his criminal background so Don could delicately articulate his past with confidence and ownership.

Being here (Goodwill) was great. They helped straight away with skills, right from the beginning. No judgment from them. They wanted to help and you could see that by the amount of work they do and how they interact with participants. It was great. I’ve been blessed that everything is falling into place the way that it has.

Less than a month after enrolling in Offender Success, Don obtained employment at a global, home improvement store. He received a promotion including a pay increase, and is being groomed for an advancement course, as well as the opportunity for a management training program after only seven months.

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