Certified Nurse Aide Training (CNA)

The Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) training course is located at the Goodwill Employment Center (3777 Sparks Dr SE) in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The four-week course includes 115 hours of hands-on-training. This training includes classroom instruction as well as laboratory and clinical experience, while working with residents at a community long term care facility.

Enrollment steps:

  1. Complete the CNA Enrollment Questionnaire
  2. Submit the questionnaire to cnatraining@goodwillgr.org
  3. CNA enrollment staff will review documents and background check to determine eligibility
  4. You will receive an email from a member of our team notifying you of next steps

Need more info? Email cnatraining@goodwillgr.org or call (616) 532-4200.

Program Statistics

  • Since January 2019, 136 individuals have started CNA Training.
  • 93% of our students successfully graduate.
  • 95% of certified graduates of our CNA Training program obtain employment in the healthcare industry.
  • Certified CNAs in the Greater Grand Rapids Area get paid between $12 and $16 per hour. The average starting wage for our graduates is $14.27 per hour

What Our Students Have To Say

“This accomplishment means a lot to me because I finally feel like I’m moving on with my career and will be able to finally be independent.” -Kelly

“I am proud of all of this. I am so happy to take all of my knowledge and skills and put them to good use. I love this field. It means a lot to me.” -Lindsay

“I would say my proudest moment is saying ‘I did it’, and saying I finally accomplish a goal that set I set out from myself that I kept pushing back. It was super challenging, but with great support, I was able to do that for myself.” -Mercedes


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