Community Service

Goodwill provides the tools to help people prepare for the workforce, and works with businesses in the community to match qualified employees to jobs. Community Service serves as a beneficial way to give back to the community and support Goodwill’s mission.  With 19 sites to choose from, our retail stores offer a clean and inviting place to fulfill community service hours.

Our list of job duties include:

  • Cleaning the sales floor and restrooms
  • Outdoor cleaning and weeding
  • Organizing supplies
  • Miscellaneous cleaning: dusting racks, wiping down shelving units, vacuuming
  • Miscellaneous retail tasks: wiping down shopping carts or pulling clothes off the sales floor

Complete the online application

It can take up to 7 business days for your application to be processed, and for you to hear from us. If you have any questions, contact our Community Service Coordinator at (616) 532-4200.

Please Note: We do not accept out-of-state community service or any community service workers with sexual, violent, or theft convictions.

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