Community Service

Goodwill’s Community Service Opportunities

Goodwill provides the tools to help people prepare for the workforce, and then works with businesses in the community to match qualified employees to jobs. Through numerous programs, we serve individuals including those with mental and physical issues, youth, and other barriers to employment. Community Service serves as a beneficial way giving back to the community and aiding Goodwill’s mission.  With 21 sites to choose from, our retail stores offer a clean and inviting place to fulfill community service hours.

Our list of job duties include:

  • Clean the sales floor and restrooms
  • Outdoor cleaning and weeding
  • Organizing Supplies
  • Miscellaneous Cleaning: Dusting Racks, Wiping Down Shelving Units, Vacuuming
  • Miscellaneous Retail Tasks: Wiping down shopping carts or pulling clothes

Complete an online application today!

Typically it takes 1-3 business days for your application to be processed, and for you to hear from us. If you have any questions, contact our Community Service Coordinator at (616) 532-4797.

Please Note: We do not accept out-of-state community service or any community service workers with sexual, violent, or theft convictions.