Meet Cathy! Cathy Scholl is a participant in the Career Quest program. She was a regular attendee in the life skills workshops and took full advantage of all the topics covered. Cathy met her Goodwill career coach at a time in her life when things weren’t going so great. She wasn’t working; she’d just experienced a significant loss, and she’d been struggling with her mental health.

Cathy set out to make some changes in her life, and that’s exactly what she did. She and her coach set very specific goals, such as creating a resume, finding a job—potentially in a different industry, managing anxiety with more effective coping skills, polishing her interviewing skills, and working on confidence, empowerment, and positive thinking.

Cathy showed up dressed, polished, and ready to impress for meetings. She and her coach were able to work from an old resume, which was four pages long! This shows how vast and diverse Cathy’s work experience and skills were. She had done it all! Event set up, factory work, retail, warehouse, you name it. Through conversation and relationship building, it was determined that Cathy was built for customer service. She displayed an outgoing and friendly demeanor, the kind of person who would go above and beyond over the phone.

After a meeting with her coach, Cathy saw a now hiring sign at Peckham, which piqued her interest, so she checked it out. Less than a week later, Cathy called her coach and reported she’d gotten hired at Peckham as a Customer Support Representative.

Cathy said, “I love this job; it’s the best job I have ever had, and I see myself being here for a long, long time.”

Cathy and her coach regularly checked in with updates for the first several months. She continued to pass different levels of training and received consistent encouragement and positive feedback from her supervisors. Not only does Cathy love her position, but she also appreciates her employer. Peckham has taken excellent care of Cathy and helped her in times of need.

It’s been eight months, and good things are still trending for Cathy and her growing family! After a long wait, she and her daughter have finally secured their own housing (and during the big blizzard of ‘24)! That same week, she became a grandma to a beautiful baby boy, Xander. Cathy has a job she loves, and her daughter and grandson are all under her safe, cozy roof. Cathy has gained independence, security, and the gift of knowing she accomplished all these things for herself and her family. She encompasses the true spirit of success!

Congratulations, Cathy, on all your hard work and determination. And shout out to Peckham for being such an outstanding employer!