Promila (Promi) is no stranger to the United States but calls Uttarakhand, Dehradun, India her home. Promi began her journey in Grand Rapids while her husband finished his ministry degree. As a woman of faith, Promi feels led to serve individuals that have medical needs. She plans to return to India and start a mission that helps individuals with medical needs in her rural community. “I love to serve people who have medical conditions, it gives me immense joy to serve and share the love of God with others.”

Promi found Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids, Certified Nursing Aide Training (CNA), and felt like it would be the perfect fit to help her meet her long-term goals. The training allowed her to not only gain valuable skills, but also helped her achieve a personal goal that has increased her confidence.

Promi was part of the first group of students to receive a portion of her instruction in a virtual classroom. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Goodwill has been nimble and innovative in how the CNA program would continue to serve the community. Using a hybrid virtual classroom and hands-on clinical practicum, Promi thrived. One of Promi’s instructors said it best,  “Throughout the course, her empathy, patience, and determination were abundant. Promi consistently demonstrated a positive attitude and a genuine willingness to help.” Our team is proud of Promi and we look forward to hearing about the many people she will go on to help.

Promi is scheduled to take her state exam later this month. She attended a refresher course and has been tutoring one-on-one with our instructors in preparation for her exam. One of the challenges our program and students have faced throughout the pandemic is delays in testing. Early on, testing sites were closed completely and when they reopened there was a very long waitlist for testing. Despite the delays, Promi pushed through and is on her way to achieving her goal.