Regina began full-time training in the Goodwill of Greater Grand Rapids’ CNA Training Program in the Fall of 2019. Her journey was met with challenges and triumph. In her own words, Regina expresses what this experience meant to her, “One of the ways the Goodwill CNA program has helped me to grow is by testing my perseverance. It was difficult for me because I’m a single mother that works a full-time job. It took me almost two years to become certified. But this is something I really wanted to succeed, so I put all my effort and will power in it. The program helped me a lot because I had the best instructors to guide me and support me. They went that extra mile for me, for example it was times when I was running late, they understood. They believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. It’s all about how they teach. They teach you with love and with warm hearts. I sincerely thank them with all my heart.”

Regina earned her Michigan CNA certification in the Summer of 2021. She works as a CNA at a Long-Term Care (LTC) facility in Jenison, MI. Regina is also currently authoring a book due to be released in 2022. After it’s distribution, she will embark on a book tour. When asked about subsequent plans regarding her CNA certification, this was her response, “I will always cherish my CNA license. I will plan to keep it current. It’s such a blessing to have it. I thank God for all my blessings.” Our team celebrates Regina’s accomplishments and wishes her continued success in her future endeavors.