Working as a stocker for several years, Dorothy’s life changed when the company she worked for closed. As a displaced worker, Dorothy needed to find a new job. She was referred to Goodwill of Greater Grand Rapids‘ Visions Program, which assists individuals with developmental disabilities.

To reach her goal of finding a job, Dorothy met regularly with her Goodwill career coach to work on employability skills, explore job opportunities, and complete applications. Before working as a stocker, Dorothy accumulated an extensive background in cleaning and dreamed of working in a hospital. Upon learning about a hiring event for an Environmental Services Technician position at a local hospital, she interviewed for the job. With the help of practice interviews, Dorothy was able to confidently express her work ethic, skills, and experience to the hiring manager.

Dorothy was ecstatic to hear she got the position. She was able to reach her goal of finding a job and achieve her dream of working in a hospital. Not only does the position offer competitive pay with benefits, she works morning shifts, which she prefers and has a very helpful and supportive manager. Due to the vital importance of sanitary conditions in hospitals, Goodwill provided a job coach for ten weeks to ensure that Dorothy learned her job duties and performed them to the standards and expectations of her employer. Quality reports were consistently completed and Dorothy passed all of her reports with flying colors.

This job means so much to Dorothy. She feels good about the work she is doing, has built friendships at work, and she can support herself and afford having a social life. Dorothy said “everyone should be given an opportunity, no matter if it’s working or volunteering. Everyone has a place in this world, especially special people.” Dorothy and her job coach have bonded a lot working closely together. Her job coach was so impressed with her, she said, “I learned so much more from Dorothy than she ever learned from me.”